Cellos $50,000.00 above

Gaetano Gadda

Anno 1955, branded "G.G." to the button and lower bout. Gaetano Gadda was born at Sorga 1900. Studied and worked with Stefano Scarampella. Certificate from a well known appraiser.Serious inquires only. Certificate from a well-known appraiser in 1972.

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Genuzio Carletti

Italian cello, ca 1962. The back is formed from two pieces of quarter cut maple showing irregular flames ascending from the center joint. The sides are of matching maple. The top is from spruce showing narrow grains at the center, wider at the flanks. Varnish has a reddish orange color. Pleae call for detail information. 

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Jean Vauchel ca 1833

Signed by the maker. Please call for detail information. 

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Angelo Radrizzani

SOLD! Anno 1920. Angelo Radrizzani was born at Milan in 1870 and pupil of Bisiach. Please call for detail informatino. 

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