We offer a fine selection of instruments and bows:
Violins by: Giovanni Grancino, Gaetano Pasta, Gaetano Guadagnini, Giovanni Longiaru, Carl Becker, Camillo Mandelli, Charles Galliard, Remy, A. Marchi, Ermino Malagutti, John Betts, Iginio Siega, Paul Lanter, Jacquot, V. McMurray

Violas by: Carlo Carletti, Dario D'Attili, Hans Nebel, Otto Luderer, Tyrolean ca 1870. J.B. Collin-Mezin Fils, Friedrich Buckley

Cellos: We have a good selection of older Italian, German and French Cellos including Ricardo Antoniazzi, English, Betts School ca 1860, cello by Paul Hillaire.

Bows by: D. Peccatte, Sartory, Lamy, C. Bazin, Simon, A. Vigneron, Maline, Vidoudez, Hill, P.Jombar, Nurnberger, Pfretzschner, Watson, LaPierre

We also have a good selection of American and European instruments in a more modest price range. Please contact us for a current list of instruments.

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